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SLBC - Small Business Legal Centre offers specialized legal and business advisory services to small enterprises in and around the Calgary area. SBLC provides economical solutions to seasoned business owners and new entrepreneurs as well as contractors and the self-employed.

SBLC understands that your small business may have special needs, and limited resources. We want to help you reach your goals. For that reason, SBLC is committed to providing clients with sound and timely advice at affordable rates.

SLBC will provide the small business owner with ongoing legal and business advisory services. Fixed fee structures are available for most products and services to allow you to eliminate uncertainty and focus on business growth.

One of the fundamentals at SBLC is perspective. SBLC’s vast network of contacts and unique and varied practice experience allow the lawyers at SBLC to attain and promote a shared wisdom. We have a unique, results-oriented business perspective and our clients benefit as much from this perspective as we do.

SBLC’s broad range of expertise will help you develop solutions based on your individual business needs.

Find out how we can help your operation succeed and grow.