SBLC Services

Incorporation & Operations

Choosing the appropriate business structure is essential to the protection and success of your business. SBLC can help you set up or reorganise your business to protect your assets and to maximize your growth. SBLC services include:


  • incorporation, minute books & registered office;
  • unanimous shareholder agreements;
  • reorganisations, mergers, amalgamations;
  • directors & shareholders resolutions;
  • declaration of dividends, management fees or bonuses;
  • redemption or repurchase of shares;
  • corporate policies, by-laws, & governance matters;
  • reduction or addition of stated capital;
  • declaration of trusts;
  • change of directors, officers, registered office, or by-laws;
  • director’s indemnification agreements; and,
  • annual returns, resolutions, minutes, and minute book review.


Sole Proprietor / Partnerships:

  • declaration & registration of sole proprietor / partnership;
  • partnership & operating agreements; and
  • registration of business name.


Staff & Operational Matters:

  • employee & contractor agreements;
  • customer & service agreements;
  • non-competition & non-solicitation agreements;
  • confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements;
  • Alberta pre-paid contractor sales contract (“Buyer’s Right to Cancel”);
  • commercial lease review
  • website terms of use & hosting agreements; and
  • loan, security & financing agreements.

Buying & Selling a Business

The purchase or sale of a business can have significant risks and complications. SBLC can help you protect your interests from unknown and contingent liabilities. SBLC can provide assistance with:

  • preparing purchase & sale agreements;
  • lease review and assignments;
  • financing & security agreements;
  • determining buyer / seller considerations & liability issues;
  • reviewing contracts & obligations of the business;
  • asset leases & rental agreements;
  • franchise or licensing agreements; and
  • registrations & searches.

Real Estate

Whether dealing with land personally, for your business, or as a real estate investor, there are many issues that may arise. Our services include:

  • residential & commercial real estate;
  • purchases, sales, & refinancing;
  • private & second mortgages;
  • RSP mortgages;
  • joint venture & co-ownership agreements;
  • rent to own and lease options;
  • residential & commercial leases;
  • bare trusts and
  • investor structures & strategies.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Your business and your assets likely took a great deal of time, resources, and effort to develop. Whether you wish to plan for the future, protect against uncertainties, provide for loved ones, or grow your wealth, SBLC can help you achieve your goals. SBLC services include:

  • wills, personal directives, & enduring powers of attorney;
  • family trusts & bare trusts;
  • estate freezes;
  • asset protection & risk management planning;
  • powers of attorney & co-ownership; and
  • wealth transfer & income splitting.